Music knows no boarders. In the shadow Part I, II & III, are a symphonic metal trilogy, with talented singers from around the world. Björn Hofer collaborated with 12 different singers, each from different countries, to create 27 songs together, without having met once. You can hear Björn Hofer’s style, as already heard on his work “Battle of the wild”, “El Silencio” or with B-Rage on “Illusions”, but no doubt, each singer has added their own wonderful influence with their co-songwriting, lyrics and vocal tones. And with that, each song tells a story coming from different background and different cultures, making it a unique experience.
Part I of this trilogy has now been released and is available on all streaming platforms. Part II& III will follow later in 2024. Enjoy…!

01 Introduction to the shadow (Björn Hofer)
02 Contagious (Björn Hofer / Anna Glesst)
03 Army untamed (Björn Hofer / Eleonora Damiano)
04 Enemy (Björn Hofer / B-Rage)
05 Fear the sun (Björn Hofer / Kelsey)
06 House of oblivion (Björn Hofer / Anna Glesst)
07 Angels of war (Björn Hofer / Eleonora Damiano)
08 Hellfire (Björn Hofer / B-Rage)
09 Flying high (Björn hofer / Anna Glesst)
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