Björn Hofer

The mastermind behind the trilogy. Björn Hofer is a swiss based musician, producer and recording artist and has released over 19 different album in probably just as many genres. But no matter what kind of music, his skillful guitar playing always stands out - distorted, fast and always melodic. In his latest work "in the shadow" - a symphonic metal trilogy, Björn has collaborated with different singers from around the world, played and recorded all the instrument, arranged and produced it. It brings two of his all time favorite music styles together - symphonic orchestra music and heavy metal. You can also hear him with the bands "B-Rage" a female fronted modern rock combo, "Perfect Bridge" a rock band or with the punk-rockers "Lö Schanal"

Anna Glesst

A vocalist and songwriter who has shared over 50 Metal and Rock covers on YouTube. Her style ranges from soft to powerful melodic and even growls. Music has always been a huge part of her life. Anna also makes drawings of musicians who have inspired here along the way. You can find her drawings Instagram. She is a true artist. Anna is represented on "In the shadow Part I" with three songs.


Eleonora Damiano

An Italian power-symphonic metal singer and vocal coach, with background in classical and modern music. Her range spans from ancient repertoire to rock and metal. Her recent collaborations are Requiem’s Embrace, a new band founded with Alex Mele (Kaledon); “Vivaldi Metal Project” as live member; Epinikion as singer for the album “inquisition”. You can also hear her backing vocals on Alterium’s “of war and flames”

Eleonora sings 2 two songs on "In the shadow Part I" and one more song on "In the shadow Part II", yet to come!


Kelsey Dower

 A singer from the United States,  who specializes in growling, clean vocals, and whistle notes. Along with being an accomplished songwriter, composer, pianist, guitarist, she is also a music producer. Kelsey pulls influences from artists like Amy Lee, Sharon Den Adel, Alissa White-Gluz, Tina Turner, Chopin, Jun Senoue, and others. Her main music goals are to always become musically better than before and to continue writing songs that inspire, and make people feel something. Kelsey is represented on the "In the shadow Part I with the song "Fear the sun".


Rahel "Rage" Gut (B-Rage)

B-Rage is a swiss rock combo made by Rahel Gut and Björn Hofer. The 2 swiss musicians met early 2023. It became obvious that there's something special when making music together. Within weeks, the first album has been written and recorded. The debut single got released in August 2023 with the Album following in October of the same year. Björn produces and records all instruments/songs himself, and his love for the guitar can be heard across all tracks. With Rahels voice, sometimes soft and mystical , other times loud and strong, creates an atmosphere that touches your soul. A brilliant singer! Rage can be heard on the album "In the shadow Part I" with two songs.


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